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Cultural Day

June 8, 2024 (9am - 7pm)

ASU West Campus

4701 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306

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About Independe​​nce day
About Indepen​​dence day

Also known as 'Araw ng Kasarinlan', or 'Day of Freedom', this holiday is celebrated annually on June 12th of each year to commemorate the day the Philippines was declared independent from Spain in 1898.

The Historical Origin of the Holiday in Brief

The Philippines, an archipelogo consisting of more than 7,000 separate islands in the western Pacific Ocean, had been part of the Spanish empire since the middle of the sixteenth century. The emergence of the Katipunan in 1896, a secret group of activists, served as a catalyst to what would become the beginning of a long struggle for freedom and independence. Amid the resulting turmoil, a truce was signed in 1897. Under the terms of the agreement, the activist leaders were forced into exile outside the Philippines.

Following attacks on American interests by the Spanish during the Spanish-American War in 1898, the United States made the crucial decision to provide full support to the independence movement. As a result, the rebel leader General Emilio Aguinaldo returned from exile and subsequently rallied support among local Filipinos for this cause. With the support of the American armed forces over 300 years of Spanish rule was brought to an abrupt end when Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine independence in Kawit, Cavite on June 12th, 1898.

However, this day would not be designated as a public holiday until 1962 via proclamation by then President Diosdado Macapagal at which point the Philippine national anthem was played and the Filipino flag was unfurled for the first time in public. 


A few of the most frequently asked questions about the Philippine Independence Day Celebration
What type of event is the Philippine Independence Day Celebration?

In the Philippines, it is a regular holiday observed on June 12th of each year. Also known as 'Araw ng Kasarinlan' or 'Day of Freedom', this day commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12th, 1898. ( Historical Brief )

"For the Filipino American community, Philippine Independence Day is primarily a celebration of cultural heritage and identity. It is observed separately and in addition to the American July 4th Independence Day holiday. For those with relatives from the Philippines and/or close ties to the Filipino American community, it is a time to show appreciation for a multitude of time-honored traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation." (Source:  Chikka Magazine)

Why is the Philippine Independence Day so significant and celebrated worldwide?

For most, the Philippine Independence Day Celebration is an important symbol of bravery, resilience, and progress. Appropriately, the liberation from Spanish colonization stands as a critical milestone in the historical record of the Philippines and basis for the sense of cultural identity shared by members of the global Filipino community. Learn more:  The Historical Origin of the Holiday in Brief

Furthermore, it is a way to help the next generation to learn more about their heritage. The annual event is also revered for its ability to promote, preserve, and share the richness of the Filipino American cultural with the greater community. As a source of a pride, it is an important reminder that cultures can co-exist and that each culture is deserving of appreciation & respect.

How is Philippine Independence Day celebrated in Arizona?

 The Council of Filipino Organizations of Arizona (CFOorganizes and sponsors an annual event to commemorate this day. It typically includes a showcase of Philippine history in the form of reenactments and exhibits. The celebration also features culture and tradition through dance, music, fashion, and food. Another popular highlight of the festivities are their annual beauty pageants.

Who should attend this event? 

The Philippine Independence Day Celebration of Arizona is a public event and open to all. Both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike are invited to participate and/or watch. The schedule of events  is ideally suited for a fun and entertaining day out with the entire family.

Is there an admission fee?

The PIDC Cultural Day event is FREE and open to the public. However, a paid ticket is required to attend the PIDC Gala Night and Mrs. Philippines Arizona finals.

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